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I'm new here ^^

I decided to do an interests search, and I found this community ^^

When I first bought James Iha's cd, I was rather disappointed, but it has grown on me since then, and recently, it helped me through a very tough time. I was in a flame-war, and it seemed like the people involved in it were watching my every move, and didn't care how I felt. I listened to the cd, because I felt like I needed some comfort, as I was licking my wounds and feeling rejected(though I do have alot of friends).

I popped the cd into the player, and the moment "Be Strong Now" started playing, it felt like my troubles were lifted off of my shoulders, and my heart was slowly mending. I don't take rejection well, and some of the peoples' comments to me really hurt bad. But listening to Let It Come Down really helped me out of that depression. I'm listening to it right now, in fact.

I hope that someday I can meet James, and tell him in person how much his music helped me.

Anyways... excuse the long post XD

Later ^^
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