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Hi, my name is Caitlin. I joined here a while ago, then un-joined, and decided to join again. I'm 18, and yep.. you guessed it, live at home with my parents. The home happens to be locaited in Connecticut. I play music, some poeple like it, and some don't. http://mp3.com/caitlin_plush is the URL.. and I hope to keep playing for some time to come. I am in college right now, and yeah, here's another surprise, am currently unemployed...

Majoring in the fine arts is fine.... really, I swear. *clenches fists*. I'll get a job, right?

Yeah so, no boyfriend, no girlfriend, kinda like being on my own. Except if the Little prince were to come to life and want to take me to his planet with him. Then, that would be an entirely different proposition.

Here's an iccle pic of me for you guys (commense the booing and the hissing and the "ow god my eyes are burning!!):

... I'm laiiiid back, with my mind on my money, and my money on my.. fuck I have no money!! gotta quarter??

anyway, my screen name is "A Vague Artist" if you wanna chat sometime...

and that is my introdiction.
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